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More sexxy than fake seamonsters: war!

Does anyone have any thoughts on War Nerd?

a friend of mine's thoughts can be found here

I don't have any of my own yet. I just found out that he 'lives in Fresno'.


For those of you who don't know, war nerd is a military collumnist for an expatriate sensationalist moscow based english language newspaper. Kinda like The Onion, or The Daily Show.

he claims that his (sometimes disturbing) familiarity with warfare comes from his life as a fat slob surfing war news.

The photo at the top of his column isn't him, its a guy from a Norweigan blues band (??)

I started reading him recently, and assumed he was an ex patriate Special Forces, or simply an astute grunt, when i found out he is supposedly a recluse data entry clerk in FRESNO.

Its interesting, because for a fat slob with a drudgerous data entry job in Fresno, who no one has ever heard of and is unlisted in any phone book, using a fake column photo, Gary Brecher really knows what he is talking about.

or at least he sounds like he does.
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