Coverpage (primroseport) wrote in hoaxes,

This can't be real. Any clues?

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Apart from the sciene behind it, I'm in Australia and I haven't heard anything about it.
same here
Yeah--it reads like the biggest crock of shit. I like how there's no credit for the story either--no one wants to take credit for this gem.

I bet it's been copied from one news site to another without anyone asking themselves, "Could this ever be true in a million years, can't we make one phone call and verify at least the smallest portion of it, and is a fabricated article really newsworthy?"
I've never heard of firemen having a volt meter handy for one thing; whenever there is a fire caused by electrical means they call in someone from Edison [or whatever big electrical company might be supplying the power] to check the wires and the like.

I also highly doubt that the mans charge would be able to set any carpet on fire, assuming he went into this job interview with his shoes on and not his socks; his shoes more than likely would have a rubber sole and thus insulate him from the ground, causing it to of all things catch on fire. While his upper body could retain a charge and do the classic zap I'm sure we've all done before, I highly doubt that he could do anything more than stick a bunch of ballons to his coat from the static as a party trick.

LOL I agree that more actual "reporting" needs to be done on this one.

Thanks for the link! :)
Although it is possible to carry very high voltages in your body and do no harm (the average static charge is about 12,000 V), it would not suddenly discharge and recharge as the article is describing. It would also cause him alot of harm when the current (current is what kills you in electricity) suddenly raised as it discharged.

Electricity has been known to do some very unusual things (we still don't completely understand it), but as an electrician, this sounds very unlikely to me.