Johnny (kinvore) wrote in hoaxes,

Hello, everyone! First time poster here, I have a series of questions so please be patient.

Okay, so this girl from Russia sent me an email via Yahoo Personals not too long ago. For those who don't know, she would have had to pay a $20 fee a month to be able to send an email to someone. Anyway, we started corresponding via regular email, according to the pics she's sent me she's really freakin' hot, yet I'm really skeptical. I was wondering if anyone can let me know if any of the following things could be potential scams:

She says she wants to call me. Unless it's collect I don't see how it can cost me anything, can it? The only phone I have is a cell phone, but I've got plenty of minutes so that's not an issue. I've heard of places that YOU call where you can wind up with a phone bill of thousands of dollars, if I wind up calling her would I be risking that? I figured I can use a phone card or something if I ever did call her, if any exist for that amount or that can call so far away. She says she lives with her family and doesn't have a phone there, the only place possible would be this bar she works at, but so far she isn't asking for me to call her and she's willing to put forward the expense to call me.

The other thing I'm a bit worried about is she wants to know my mailing address, and my full name. Are there any scams that could involve this info, her knowing my phone, address, and full name? She says she wants it because she is contacting me through the bosses computer at work but she doesn't know if he'll change his mind and stop letting her use it. But even though she's given me her own mailing address she has asked me not to send her anything, supposedly mail theft is very common where she lives.

Yes, I'm aware of the most obvious potential scam here, that she's just looking for someone to marry so she can get out of Russia, but let's just say I'm in no hurry so that's the least of my worries hehe. Anyway, I appreciate your time, I hope if any of this sounds like a scam that you can warn me.
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